Trial licence for MOMAP

Trial licenses for MOMAP (x86_64/Linux for a single machine, 30 days) are offered for the purpose of evaluating the software. After you have submitted a request by following the procedure below to record address details, it will be considered within a few days, and you will be notified of the result by email. We reserve the right to refuse to grant trial licenses for any reason, and in particular we will ignore requests where the given name and address do not point to an unambiguously identifiable person.


If your request is successful, you will be sent a trial license request form, and you will be required to sign a licence agreement and to give details of the machine on which you wish to run the software; please note that the licence will be tied to a single machine characterised by a particular network adapter, and therefore in a cluster environment this will usually just be a single cluster node. You will then be provided with the valid license file to enable the software on your machine.


1. Submit a request for a trial licence through and wait.

2. When receiving your license request form, fill it with your personal information and machine information.

3. After checking the validity of the information you submitted, a license file will be sent to your registered email address.

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